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At exactly twenty hundred hours on the 27th September, six of the biggest gamers were hacked.
Their channels were attacked. Their gamer tags stolen. And their identities violated.
It appears there is a solitary hacker behind these strikes, with the possibility of more security breaches imminent…

We’ve managed to find a direct connection to his computer. This, we believe, is the key in catching him.

//Access CTR_LL‘s Computer

Now is the time to unite

And Stand Up Against The Hacker

Fridge Raiders believe in powering up gamers, not stealing their power.

Over the years we’ve worked with some of these YouTubers.

We’ve co-created the world’s first snacking and gaming robot – F.R.H.A.N.K. – and collaborated on the ultimate gaming peripheral, the MMM3000. It’s been an epic team effort. But now it seems someone wants to mess with these guys, and us. So we need your help again. Lets put a stop to this hacker once and for all.

Join #HuntTheHacker