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mattessons founder


When Rhineland-born pork butcher Richard Mattes arrived in Britain, he had one goal in mind – to satiate the country’s hankering for meat. Along with his boy, Mattes and Son (see what they did there?) introduced pâté to the UK for the first time and set about using their continental knowledge to become the experts in everything meat.


Spreading rapidly

After years of steady growth, rationing finally starts to feel like a dim and distant memory. Aside from delicious sausages, British meat fans of the 1960s are introduced to a range of exciting new Mattessons products, including dinner-table staple Chubs spread.

pre-packed sliced meat

Setting the trends

We’ve always been trendsetters. In 1970, we brought pre-packed sliced meat to corner shops and supermarket shelves for the very first time. What can we say? We’re visionaries.

mattessons advert

Mmm. Mattessons!

For people who remember the 1970s, it wasn’t all flared trousers and big hair. It was also about a certain meat-inspired catchphrase. Even to this day, our famous TV adverts of the era still make people smile. “Just try saying Mattessons without saying Mmm!”

mattessons pork sausages

A Star Is Born

Perfect for adding a tasty twist to pasta, wraps, stir-fries and pizza, our Smoked Pork Sausage took the public by storm, bringing a touch of excitement to quick, everyday dishes. Still going strong today, it’s famous in Scotland and loved by mums who want to cook quick, tasty dishes.


Family Fortunes

Once upon a time, we belonged to the Unilever Meat Group, along with Wall’s, Lawsons and Drings. After rebranding ourselves as Mattessons Wall’s in the mid-eighties, we later became part of the Kerry Foods family in 1994. And we haven’t looked back since!

fridge raiders

Snacks for a new Millennium

As we embarked on our meat snacking mission, Fridge Raiders arrived on the scene in style. Available in a variety of mouthwatering flavours, they’re the bite-sized 100% chicken breast snack you’ll always come back to.

hank marvin

You must be Hank Marvin!

Our hugely popular advertising campaign featuring hungry school kids dressed as The Shadows’ lead guitarist Hank Marvin aired on television for the first time. Rhyming slang for ‘starving’, the nation immediately welcomed the joke into their hearts (and stomachs).


Entering the world of Robotics

F.R.H.A.N.K. – the world’s first artificially intelligent snacking and gaming robot co-created by a social community – goes live. Standing for ‘Fridge Raiders Hunger Automated Nutrition Kit’, our automated mascot clocked up over 10 million views on YouTube. Nice.

Rise of the Snackarchist

Rise of the Snackarchist

Full-blown Snackarchy hits the UK with our Snackarchist creating a storm with Fridge Raiders and Savagers . Stage Bombing Lethal Bizzle , we’re breaking the rules like never before. Nobody tells a Snackarchist what to chew.